Face Painting is the heart of my business.  It's a talent, a creative outlet and a passion!  


MY Mission

I am an award-winning face painter with years of experience and a design degree.  I use hypo-allergenic theater grade make up and cosmetic grade glitter.  As a professional face painter, I keep on top of industry standards by attending conventions and workshops to further my talents.  

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.
— Steve Jobs

other fun stuff

Oftentimes, I have a few minutes to provide additional services at your event:

  • Simple Balloon Art
  • Waterproof Glitter Tattoos
  • Henna 
  • Arm Paintings 
  • Additional Face Painting (i.e. Adults at a Kids Party)

How it works

I bring a table and a sturdy director's chair.  I need a space that is protected from the elements with good lighting.  Although I am not an entertainer, the guests will love to watch.  Place me in the same room or area as your guests if possible.  Young ones love to do an activity or craft while I am painting their friends. Oftentimes, I will handle 3-5 guests at a time (one in my chair, one or two admiring their transformation, and one or two deciding on a design).  

Contact me to check my availability.  Please tell me a little about your party:

  • What is your theme?
  • How many children? what ages?  How many adults?
  • Type of event (birthday party, corporate event, neighborhood block party, fundraiser)
  • Would you like to offer face painting alone or with other services?
  • Time, date, location?  

In order to book my services, I require a $50 deposit.  It is refundable for any cancellations made within 2 weeks of the event.  

Pricing & Pacing

$200 minimum fee covers 1.5 hours.  Add .5-hour blocks at $50 per block.  

1.5 hours ($200) = approximately...

  • 6-8 faces with intricate detail
  • 10 faces with 10 simple balloons
  • 12-20 full faces with some detail
  • or 30 quick faces 

2 hours ($250) = approximately...

  • 12-15 faces with intricate detail
  • 15 faces with 15 simple balloons
  • 16-3 full faces with some detail
  • or 40 quick faces

Additional travel fee may be added for areas outside 45-minute radius.  I am willing to travel outside this area if my schedule allows.


Free services

Artists are often asked to donate their services. I love to give back to my community. Unfortunately, I'm not able to meet everyone's needs.  Consider finding a sponsor to cover my cost at your fundraiser.  It's good publicity for them and great for your event participants.  I am happy to promote their company at your event.

Each year, I support an event or two which I thoughtfully choose and plan for in advance.  If you are interested in applying for my free services, please send me a proposal along with information about your nonprofit organization and details about the event for my consideration.